Petition to improve Hill Lane/Burgess Road Junction

Lots of residents in Shirley and Bassett have been asking for this junction to be improved for cars, bikes and pedestrians. The 2 crossings are seen by residents to be too close to the mini roundabout which makes crossing unsafe for pedestrians and the traffic flow is very poor. The feedback from Southampton City Council is that the junction issues will be tackled as part of a wider highways project linked to access to the Sports Centre via Hill Lane. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get any clarity on the possible options or timescales. Once we have more details, we will share them, but it is clear residents remain unhappy with both the pedestrian crossings and the roundabout. Please sign our petition calling on the Council to improve the junction as a matter of urgency. We will present this to the Council.

Sign the Petition here

Campaign update:

29/03/21 Richard and Colin have submitted the petition to the leader of Southampton Council. Read the letter below: