Bassett Liberal Democrats


The Liberal Democrats celebrated a historic return to Southampton City Council by taking a Bassett seat off the Conservatives in the May 2022 elections. You can contact the newly elected Councillor Richard Blackman via the Southampton City Council website here.

Our Priorities for Bassett:

Protect Local Services

Richard and the Liberal Democrat team are campaigning against irresponsible Conservative cuts to vital local services. Richard will always work to protect community facilities and services.

Improve our environment

The Liberal Democrats are committed to improving our environment. We are calling for more street trees, more improvements to local parks, and investment in renewable energy.

Invest in our communities

Southampton’s high streets need investment to make them more attractive places for residents and visitors to shop, eat and drink. Improving high streets and community spaces in Southampton is a priority for Richard and the team.

See what we've been up to:

Richard and a team of over 20 volunteers in Bassett are continually working to improve the area. See our news pages for more details.

Contact the team if you would like us to look into something in Bassett for you.

A Community Political Party

Lib Dems have for decades listened and campaigned locally unlike any other main political party. We have always listened to residents, delivered real change and really represented the local community.

Tell us what matters to you and what we could help improve in Bassett.


We are run exclusively by Volunteers all campaigning for a better place to live. With over 30 current volunteers we are creating a movement for Bassett.

Help create a Better Bassett


All our funds for campaigning and working for you are donated by members of the public. Your donation could help up campaign across Southampton.

Help support our work here.

Get in touch

Richard and the Bassett team are here to help. If you have a specific issue or if you like to get involved in making Bassett better - please contact us here, we'd love to hear from you.