Petition: Local Lib Dems call for 30mph limit on Bassett Green Road

Lib Dem Bassett campaigner Richard Blackman is calling for the current 40mph limit between the Chilworth roundabout and the junction with Bassett Green Village to be reduced to 30mph.

Richard states: “With its long steady incline from the motorway exit down to Bassett Green, vehicles pick up speed making junctions dangerous, including those with Monks Wood Close and Bassett Green Close. Residents have expressed concerns about a number of near misses over the summer and autumn on this stretch of road”.

Richard also notes that “it’s very difficult for pedestrians to cross Bassett Green Road. We need to make things safer for residents wanting to cross between the cut to Bassett Green Close and Monks Wood Close towards the Stoneham sports facilities, and also for students coming in and out of Greenwood Court Halls.”

Local resident Martyn Sheridan voiced his support for the call: “We simply want to make our neighbourhood safer and quieter. Reducing the speed limit to 30mph on Bassett Green Road is a really important first step in doing this.”

The speed limit on Bassett Avenue was reduced to 30mph over the summer. Richard Blackman believes this safer limit should apply to both Bassett Green Road and Bassett Wood Road. We need to calm the traffic for the benefit and safety of residents and the local environment.

Campaign update:

23/11/20 This story has now been picked up by the Daily Echo. You can read the story here.

29/03/21 Richard has now written to the leader of the council and submitted the petition. See his letter below.

You can also sign our petition HERE